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You are not accidental. The world needs you. Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it.

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Can I join the trend

insp. (x)

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i did an art swap with meledea and she asked for kira & malia for my not-very-punk-au :)

malia is wearing this beastie boys shirt :)

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Interviewer: Tyler, can you talk about Derek and Braeden and their developing relationship?

Hoechlin: What do you wanna know?

Interviewer: I wanna know any like cute moments? I saw in the trailer you guys were kissing a lot -

Hoechlin: (laughing) Ah, well it happens! I guess I can probably tease on that now, seeing as how it’s pretty much out there. 

Yeah, I would say there’s a lot forming between the two of them. Um, hopefully it’s a much more successful relationship than the previous two. Those both went terribly wrong, so -


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So going to happen…






So the kids - they’re going to know Parrish is supernatural and on the list. And they’ll go to Sheriff and Sheriff will be taking Parrish into his office and closing the door like he’s been doing all season. And then he’ll be all:

"Wtf, son. Level with me here because I have about had it with this town.

Are you a kanima?”

imagine the look of betrayal on sheriff’s face though

"I thought you were like me. not a werenima.”

"…I’m not a werenima?"

"you know what I mean parrish, deflecting doesn’t work with me. have you met my son?!”

Poor Sheriff.  He is so done with their shenanigans. 

"derek’s human now"


"Also, I think Danny turned invisible." 


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I’m having way too much fun with these

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Victoria Siemer

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Holland Roden and Tyler Hoechlin attend MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ panel during Comic-Con International 2014 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California

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